As a university student in USA, I’ve very rarely met people who are audiophiles. I’ve actually only physically met one such friend outside my family. Taking that into consideration, and the fact that the other audiophile I actually know is my dad, I decided to take to the internet to get more experience and knowledge about my passion in high-fidelity sound reproduction. When I started in 2016, I realized that I wanted a way to “nerd-out” about my passion to others. But as I went on, I also realized that a lot of the lingo can be intimidating and confusing for a lot of other people out there. Hence, I decided to also wanted to educate others about my passion and the lingo behind them, so they can understand what is inferred behind certain word choices and the types of audio reproduction components out there.

I am currently and Engineer working for a Semiconductor company, training for the job in their main location in Taiwan. And will be here in Taiwan for awhile, so my current content will be about adventures in Taiwan audio-wise, and blogs will be about my setup and stuff while I’m here.

Most of my early exposure to this passion actually stemmed from my father, who is also a product reviewer for an audio magazine, and has quite a rad system. I actually started reviewing whatever was in my hands (his used purchases) as a way to get a taste for what he is doing. I genuinely found it to be quite fun and an eye-opening experience to learn about this audiophile passion while doing reviews myself, as well as helping him out in behind the scenes of his reviews. If you have seen pictures in his reviews which I sometimes link to my blog posts, pretty much most of them were taken by me (although, not currently since I’m not at home or with him to take these pictures). All of the pictures that I don’t cite where I got them from on this website are also those that I personally took.

I actually lived at home for mainly costs reasons and the ability to commute to campus from where I lived. All that means is that I don’t really need to be very considerate of music playing from speakers as much versus living in an actual dorm. Not to mention, home-cooked food. I’m also pretty sure my room is also bigger than some dorm rooms, but it’s all just to myself. Most of my audio gear are actually more so “hand-me-downs” from my dad. Certain things that aren’t as good as his main system, but he doesn’t really want to sell them. At least I think they are. It could also be that he wants me to have them as a stimulation to his passion. Who knows? Like father like son I guess?

Growing up, my family spoke to me in Indonesian, and I formally learned English in school which then lead to learning Chinese (at least a little bit), and Spanish (practically High School Spanish 5) as well. I did used to live in Singapore for a good 7 years so that’s where I learned Chinese. I wasn’t very good at it. Spanish was for my high-school years which was spent completely here in America. Both my parents are rather fluent in Indonesian as they are born and raised there, despite my grandparents’ mostly Chinese background. They say I’m an eighth Indonesian and the rest is Chinese. I’m American by birthright though. To clarify, the order is actually Boston, then Singapore, then Florida and now Arizona.

If you have experience with people who are around my age, I would think one common aspect of sound that is favored is the bass. Not going to lie, I actually like it quite a bit. It’s one of the things I like to listen to first when I critically listen to anything. That’s not to say that it’s all listen for. I think the whole package is important, but it’s the bass that is the “soul” or the “emotion” of a song. It’s always the thing that completes the package for me.

There have been times where I had a rather long term goal set, and it was realized in about 3 months. There are times I’ve actually abandoned a review because of circumstances. I’ve had periods of time where I’ve been inactive here because of my coursework. Life never really goes the way it’s expected to go, but despite that, I aim to present you a hub for the new and experienced to gather knowledge, in both lingo, basics, and products, as well as enjoyable blog posts for all to read and maybe more in the future!

*Fun Fact: The picture featured in this page is where it all started. If you see my Set-up Page, it is different! Why? That’s the currently evolution of my set-up, but this is how it was when this all started! 😉


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