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This website is for you! I understand that my traffic is mostly passing visitors, both knowledgeable and not so knowledgeable about my passion, so as a college student myself who is an audiophile, I try to incorporate items as well as informative posts (in blogs) that general audiences can hopefully understand and afford, such as myself, a college student in his fourth year. I'm mainly focusing in the stereo aspect, both used and new, but I do have my home theater projects as well as other projects that you can explore (coming soon)! The background picture is my current main set-up, and bellow, something from an Audio expo. Please read the home introductions below as well! Feel free to ask me on what you want to know or if you just want to converse with me! Button is linked to my Discord, but if any visitors would like to inquire about business opportunities, please reach my via the contact tab above!


Welcome all! I hope for this website to provide you with knowledge as a new or experienced audiophile! I’m a learning audiophile myself, so please forgive me if there are any mistakes. I’m Jason, and I manage, edit, write and photograph for this website. I’m just someone out there who doesn’t have the video production capabilities to make reviews and vlogs on Youtube. I might in the future, we shall see, but for now, I’ll be writing everything out, with the best visuals I can give you guys. As such, I’m mostly active in writing my blogs, where my reviews are going to be a more long-term project, because I want them to be more quality over quantity. I’ll be writing as many educational topics as I can in the blogs, and do check out my Facebook page and Twitter page for updates and teasers! Please let me know if there is anything I can improve upon, or if you spot an error for me to correct! Even if you just want to ask me regarding a certain topic I’ve written about, a certain product I’ve reviewed, I’m also open to that! Hopefully this page helps you out visiting reader!

If you’re wondering what that picture is above, it is a picture of Von Schweikert’s exhibit, of which they collaborated with VAC to power the speakers in that picture, during the Florida Audio Expo of Spring 2019 that I personally took. If you want to know about my current set-up, you can know more about it in my set-up page.

*please excuse the dust as I reconstruct this page, as well the the whole site*

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