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I know I mentioned about good DACs in one of my pages, and how they can tremendously improve your listening experience and quality, but I myself don’t have a seperate, good quality DAC. I’m using the one from my Laptop, the trusty old EliteBook 8460w, and it’s pretty good by itself, being able to play audio at 24bit, 192kHz. Most of my music is 320kbps, so it definitely helps that it can play audio better than CD 16bit quality, which is what I think my audio is. I’ll need to fact check myself if I can remember to. But for the most part, I feel that someday I’ll need to get myself an external DAC because I read somewhere, if I can remember (memory is unreliable guys), that the internal DAC of laptop is prone to be affected by the other internal components and such. Then again, I can’t spend several hundred on a DAC, because I’m a senior in high school, and I don’t have that much money at my disposal… *sigh*


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