How does something go unnoticed? I’m referring to my Sony SS-K10ED. Based on what I’m listening to, and my knowledge of these speakers now, these aren’t the type of speakers that would not go unnoticed and marked as something not as good as Sony’s mid/low-range price speakers. Obviously they are quality speakers that I would actually get again if the opportunity presents itself.

Because it’s that good. But why, when my dad had gotten these from the person selling 2 pairs of speakers, decide to get these instead of the other pair of Sony (I forgot which model, but he told me it was those you find in Bestbuy). Because he recognized the quality of the speakers? Because the speakers aren’t well known? Because, even though he told me it didn’t seem the best during demo, it was not bad either. Now that it’s in my system, it’s thriving, but was it just the component that he had the speakers on that didn’t really appeal to him?

Obviously many of the information is reliant on my dad, but I’m glad he chose these speakers. I found out soon after I got these that the new retail was actually $600, and that the sound is comparable to the ones my dad has downstairs in his extra-awesome expensive sound system. Basically, I’m thinking the guy that sold these to my dad had let go to a perfectly really good pairs of bookshelf speakers. Why had I never heard of these speakers?

Well, many things lead to this moment in time for me I guess. Sony’s reputation as a middle to low reputation in the audiophile community has lead to this mainly I guess. This was probably Sony’s only attempt at Hi-Fi bookshelf speakers. They cost like twice as much as a mid-range bookshelf, and I’d dare say they are twice as good too. Plus, it’s not like they advertised for the sales of these speakers. It’s just that they put it out there.

The bigger brothers of these SS-K10ED have garnered some reputation with the audiophile community as being really good too, despite maybe not the “best”. That says something about Sony from a Hi-Fi standpoint right? Maybe not. That’s why it’s still not well known today, and many people can say otherwise about these speakers because, I also think that these aren’t meant to be hooked up to surround sound integrated amplifiers. Many people tend to use bookshelf speakers as satellites for their system, but with the characteristics of the main speakers, not so sharp (like, really smooth in fact) tweeters, smooth and clear mid-range, they are best suited as the main stereo speakers. That is also why these are underappreciated in my opinion. People don’t know that the purpose of these $600 speakers are actually for listening as your main stereo speakers, with the appropriate components too of course.


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