It’s that time of the year again

So, it’s the time of the year where Christmas songs are being played, students are stressing about their exams, and time at home is limited. I’m still listening to the same system with different songs, and trying new things too while I’m at it. It’s fun and stressful because I tend to procrastinate like this. Well, in other news, my dad who is a reviewer (just to remind you) has gotten a few new “toys” to review and try out. We’ll both be squealing in delight as we open new boxes and be amazed or annoyed at the faults of the drawbacks of certain types of devices. Meanwhile, I’m also finishing my IB coursework and requirements for the Diploma slowly but surely, one 1,500 word paper at a time *dry laugh*.

In other news other than life, I’m probably going to review my Velodyne CT-100 sub. Be sure to check it out later in my home page under reviews!


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