It’s Gone. Goodbye Arcam DV88

Some big news, as I have been informed by my father that the Arcam DV88 that I have had in my possession for the past half a year or so, has now been sold. I have to say goodbye. Farewell Arcam DV88, a solid DVD player and a CD player as well. Your time with me has been enjoyable.

The Arcam DV88 first came to my possession because there was no one has inquired or desired it, after my dad had put up an ad online. Because of that I convinced him to let me “borrow” it for the time being. At first it was a replacement for the Shanling CD player we had, that was technically under a different name here in America. Not sure what it is though. It was pretty old, and now that he wanted to upgrade, why not a DVD/CD player that cost way more when it was new? The DAC in it should be way better than that old CD player. And so it was, until we ended up with a Musical Fidelity player not long after for a good deal. And then after that it was the Bel Canto combo of the CD3t transporter along with the DAC 2.5. Also for a good deal. That was when we put it up for sale, but to now avail. Until now.

It was honestly what I used to compare my HP Elitebook 8460w DAC to, but it honestly wasn’t fair, and it still isn’t. That’s why it was good, and it was enjoyable to have. I will grieve for the loss for awhile, as I stare at the empty space, and also in the input 2 of my Topping TP41 desktop integrated amplifier, that once was the Arcam DV88. I will miss the feeling of switching to input 2 for a far better sound quality, while turning the volume down to less than a quarter in fear of hurting my ears, damaging equipment, and the inconvenience that it should in CD format, which nothing that is mainstream top 100 music in the music charts that I can access in my Laptop. Nevertheless. it was an enjoyable time with you, Arcam DV88. you will be missed. But not really.


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