Status Update: College, adapting to everything thrown at.

College, or University, as other countries/locations might call it, has more or less started for a lot of us. Jumping from High School to College is a big change. The worrying part is how we get used to it, and how we can get by. As everyone should more or less know, college is getting expensive. I’m personally having to pay for some educational account access, and it’s even time limited sometimes, and I’m required to have in my Institution. Not to mention, I have the issue with textbooks to worry about. Luckily, there is tons of options on the internet, and I’ve managed to acquire some by the means of renting, buying used for some more important courses, and of course buying Electronic Textbooks. They are very expensive, and only add to financial stress of trying to pay for it all.

So far, orientation was by far the most fun I’ve had in awhile, but it immediately dies down when classes start. People take their studies seriously, and it isn’t like high school where everyone of different abilities are just mixed in together. Everyone has a certain intellectual ability that has allowed them entry into the institution, and you’re having to fight basically everyone that’s at least in the top 25% of a lot of schools. It doesn’t feel easy. But it doesn’t feel too difficult either personally. Despite some setbacks financially and time-wise, I’ll still be able to go one with this blog, and even with my relatively busy schedule, I think I’ll be able to write more content for the blog and the projects that I’ve gone through, and upload them some time in the future, after I’ve settle down on the academics, getting into the groove of things. I’m a health minded person, so I’d like to set aside some time to be able to go to the gym that’s accessible at no extra cost to the students as well.

I’m not staying in dorms like other students, however, because I live so close, and they do have exceptions regarding dorm-ing and such. So, I’ll be at home commuting to my college, still being able to listen to the good sound production from my system, and my beloved Sony SS-K10ED, Velodyne CT-1000 and such. It’s nice to be home. I don’t have to worry about damage while moving things, etc. Also don’t have to move anything at all. Maybe except some files, but they’re virtually light.

Moving along, some previews regarding some future updates to the site include, but is not limited to, a past review sample that I’ve been keeping in the drafts, some possible changes to my components, and of course, updates on things as well. So, I’ll wish me well going into my first semester of college, hopefully you’ll hear from me again soon.


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