Major updates, + future updates

So I’ve updated content from my pages such as the about and the set-up page to reflect the changes I talked about yesterday. If you must know, I think I did really well for my first quiz, and I’m optimistic about maintaining an A for almost all my classes *grin*. I spent about 2 solid hours yesterday making sure what was on the page made sense, and whatever it was that I changed need to be changed, such as the equipment list. I just haven’t changed the picture of the overall set-up yet, because I haven’t had time to, when there was good lighting. So, I’ll just take my time and update it when I want.

With the changes, had to re-write a lot of the information regarding not just the JVC, but settings regarding the Sub and even how I wired them in the description, which was changed as said in the previous post. Other updates I’m thinking about doing is changing the picture in the home page, which I will also do when I get the time to take and upload picture.

Besides that, I’m writing about one of two more topics regarding audio, one of which is about streaming, and my thoughts and such, so look forward to that 🙂


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