Impending (sort of) Doom

(featured image taken from a search)

As some of you may know, there is a massive hurricane that is headed towards Florida, and it’s probably going to hit most of the state. How bad? We won’t know until it hits. Either way, I live in an area that is possibly affected by at least Category 2 wind speeds and etc., so I’m worried about preparations this week because everyone is panicking. Even my college announced no school Friday and Monday in preparation for the hurricane. Maybe in the aftermath I won’t have classes Tuesday either. We’ll see.

I’ve had a post that is in the drafts that was probably intended for this week, but after hearing about the impending Hurricane Irma, preparations has got me preoccupied, and I haven’t had a chance to proofread it. Maybe during the Hurricane as I stay home (which I can hopefully do), I’ll post it during the idle times I have to stay inside. Provided that the electricity doesn’t go and nothing else happens.

In the meanwhile, I’ll finish up and post one other one and unless something horrifying happens to me, you’ll hear from me after Monday when Irma passes.

This time, this update is just a short one to let you know of the passing hurricane and for those in Florida, I hope everyone stays safe, and I also hope nothing happens to my house, so that none of my precious babies (my speakers, obviously) experience any harm.


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