Future plans and ambitions!

So, just a short update on my plans for the future, while also sharing some of the ambitions I have for my system. For now, I’m planning on continuing to review things (not much going right now) as much as possible. My brother is still working on his review of his headphones, which is delayed because of his busy schedule and whatnot. It’s almost done either way. A few proofreads and whatnot, and it’ll be released as soon as possible (if that happens anytime soon). But I’ll reckon (more like, for sure) be active compared to him. I have actually written a few blog posts that I could have posted but they turned out to be a bit unsuitable to what I had in mind. There isn’t much going on at the moment as I’m also quite busy with my studies and whatnot, but I will get something for sure you can count on that.

As for my system, future plans is to maybe get better/different speaker cables because I’ve been thinking about how different/better it would sound with different cables. Another option is another receiver, because the current Sony DH800 receiver that I have at the moment is a bit limiting as it doesn’t have a pre-out option that would be helpful in certain things like trying an amp. Another thing lacking is the ability to output/input via balanced cables such as XLR. It does have a really good amp for the price. More on that in the review about that later. But other than that, maybe in terms of improving into separates is maybe getting an external DAC, or getting rid of the receiver as well, and going to a pre-amp DAC and an Amp instead.

Despite saying all this, whatever happens next will depend on the situation. If I find something or if someone finds things for me (*ahem* dad *ahem*), then that is what I’ll go off of, if it does improve the sound in anyway. I’ll take whatever I can get.

Also, just out of curiosity, what are you guys’ aspirations for your system? Let me know in the comments! Doesn’t matter if it’s active speakers, passive speakers, headphones (with amp maybe), separates, all-in-one like receivers, desktop audio, home-made/DIY, Stereo or Multi-channel home theater. I’d like to read about them! Looking forward to your comments!


1 thought on “Future plans and ambitions!

  1. I’m happy with my setups these days, I’m one of those lucky guys. My DIY hobbist bug is bitting again so I totally need to build something soon.

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