Music in recent years, suiting the mass, not the niche?

In recent years, with the direction of pop music going more and more into the direction of music for the masses (without a decent system like mine for example), there is something that I’ve noticed with music. An example is the fact that they do sound better in conditions where the sound system is worse than any rather serious system. That lead me to think that some songs are geared towards the accessibility of the mass to certain music equipment. Common tactics are catchy beats, electronic music where you can never be 100% be sure about how they sound in real life, because there is no real life basis and unique voices that can easily be differentiated even in crappy earphones. I’m not saying I don’t like those tactics, as they do generate some really good songs for me, and even for the masses. But, there are a few songs that seem to stand out a lot more to me in my system vs. when I listen to them via other means with my friends, etc. These are some hidden gems that seem to try to cater to everyone, not just the masses with a lack of access to “serious” systems that I would consider be anything that can produce the full spectrum of sound with a flat response, where they don’t “fake” the bass or anything of the like.

Those songs being mentioned, such as the pop song “Girls like you” by Maroon 5 featuring Cardi B, is an example of one. If you listen to it in a rather serious system, the guitars in the beginning of the songs is one that will appeal to audiophiles like me. Those guitars have a presence in a quite further back position, the beats are catchy and you can even hear the fingers running through the fingerboard of the guitar. The detail is quite interesting for a pop song. At least, that is in my opinion. Overall, I don’t really like the song 100% because of my general taste and the lyrics, but that was one that I thought I’d mention. Another example is Camila Cabello’s All these years. This song features some soft and rather slow music up until a certain point around exactly 2 minutes into the song, which she incorporates some multi-layered voices which is very nice to listen to on my system, especially because I can differentiate the different voices. It’s certainly better than on a Bluetooth speaker which was where my friend played it on introducing me to the highlight of this song. This is also one of those songs which literally can appeal to everyone. I myself like those multi-layered voices part starting from 2 minutes in, from both listening through the Bluetooth speaker and my system. It presents details and emotions better in my own system though, but in general, I’m just giving credit for artists for making music that will not only appeal to the mass with, dare I say it, lousy systems, and also those with pretty serious systems as well.


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