How I got a Moondrop Aria (2021 ver.)

Yep, I’m definitely not dead, and although there was a large time gap between the Sony post and the laptop post, I am definitely still in cahoots with this website project. Not to mention, that I’ve been editing and setting up posts for the website whenever I get a chance to. I really needed some time apart from the website among my other priorities. I really needed time to explore Taiwan, time to fully get acquainted with my situation, my surroundings and time to also get acquainted for my work. Definitely realized that I really needed some really non-work feeling downtime. Sometimes this website project does take effort I kind of don’t fully enjoy all the time. And sometimes it’s something I want to put effort in. Although I do enjoy listening to music as much as I can, it’s not always the same when the only source is a headphones (which I already have, and it’s one I really like), and just some cheap Sony XB50AP earbuds which are very good, but they definitely aren’t as good as the headphones. And with the feeling of wanting to explore with the increased pool of funding from working, I have decided that I was going to explore options for earphones, specifically IEMs because they will be something I can carry back easily. And not to mention, the fact that I will have easier access to Chi-Fi related items, I wanted to explore what there was to offer around here.

So, I set off to explore audio around here, and found that there aren’t that many around my area of Taiwan, except maybe if I were to go to a big city like Taipei which is not really an option. I did find a store that pretty much sold a bunch of IEMs and seems to be a major supplier of Audio-Technica, with other interesting offering such as Denon IEMs, Final Audio, Moondrop, Shure, Astell&Kern, and even Chord stuff. And they had a lot of these on the shelf to be able to trial them in person, so I decided to check out what I could get my hands on. And honestly, I landed on a few finalists, but 1 landed in my lap in the end, and it is something I wanted to explore from hearing mentions of. The title gives it away, but Moondrop’s Aria 2021 version was what I picked up. I also want to mention that it definitely wasn’t because of the cover. *insert smirk*. But for real, it wasn’t.

So, with that, I shall explore what the Moondrop Arias have to offer, and will be putting this as part of the projects I have on hand. However, this isn’t the end. I ended up picking up another IEM and a DAC/AMP dongle, which I shall reveal next time. You might be surprised as to why, but I shall explain. There are already in-progress projects, I know, but in a moment of exploring the specific store again, there was some interesting decisions made, and at this point purchasing these is starting to be one of my destressing activities apart from exploring the country. I’ll have to stop myself. Either way, only a plus if I get more items for the website project. I’ll also have to finish them though. I’ll keep at it either way.

Until then, keep guessing, stay passionate, stay healthy, J, out.

Box cover design (was the last in one stock, so yea I know there is a slight box defect)

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