V-Moda Crossfade LP Over-ear Headphones Long-term review

Introduction & Background

Over the years V-Moda as a relatively new audio company founded in 2004 has racked up some achievements with their products as a they seem to compete with Beats. Rightfully so. When I researched about them through their website they wanted to combine fashion with the sound quality of headphones. In their products, they are clearly hitting the right notes winning some headphones of the year awards with products such as the V-Moda M-100 when it debuted, as well as the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless.

Debuted before the M100 and the Crossfade wireless, the Crossfade LP has been since discontinued because they did an update with the LP2, and have something way better with the M-100s. These are my personal headphones which I’ve bought using my own money, saving my up my allowances and then buying them. It’s been about 3 years now, and they have been through a lot. I’d reckon they aren’t as good as the M-100s, but these were the ones I could afford at the time. I wanted V-Moda since I’ve heard of the M-100s. But I had to settle at the time for these. These are technically the pre-award-winning models, but are they possibly up there? Still, I’ll put aside my sentimental value for these and review them as best as I can.

They cost about $299 new, which put them into the audiophile category of headphones. Since their aim was to combine the looks with the sound quality, you’ll see if they do live up to their purpose. The ones I had are white with grey memory foam cushions. Now they are white because I had to replace them due to wear and tear with the cushion popping out of the covering at one point about two years after I bought them.



  • V-Moda LP over-ear Headphones
  • Exoskeleton hard Carrying Case
  • Audio Cable
  • 3-button remote cable (compatible for iOS devices only)
  • 6.3mm (1/4 inch) 24k gold plated adapter
  • Cleaning cloth

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency response: 5Hz – 30kHz
  • Impedence: 32Ω
  • Wire: Kevlar braided wires
  • Diaphram: 50mm dual-diaphram
  • Construction: Steel & other metals
  • Foam: Memory foam
  • Headband: Steelflex headband


V-Moda seems to be stuck to one particular design. If you notice the design of the M-100, the Crossfade wireless, and even the XS, their on-ear design headphones all look pretty identical. It all probably started with the LPs. The design is for sure good-looking. It stands out as something fashionable and when you wear them they fit nicely to your head. It doesn’t make you obnoxiously stand out that you’re wearing headphones like some other designs of headphones when these debuted.

The construction of the headphones are solid-feeling and can take the beating of a 14 year-old and above as they do advertise the sturdiness of the headphones with military grade testing. The metal shields that are on the cups of the earphones do serve a purpose and doubles as an accessory that can be highly personalized with lazer-engraved logos, words, and other designs that you can input on their design page on their website. However that is only possible when you order directly from V-Moda via their website. The ones I have were ones I got off Amazon for cheaper at the time and have plain shields on them.

During my use of the headphones they have gotten really beat up and they look rather shabby. But are you can see they are still usable. Not something you’ll want to take outside but they still work and they nothing major is broken or cracked. I use them for listening to anything on bed and maybe when I don’t want to bother anyone with my speakers and loud music.

One other thing to mention is their fit around heads is really snug and they are best said as skin-tight-jeans-like. I do have to mention that with the adjustments they are at the max for me and for anyone looking at these kinds of headphones they run a bit small so you’ll want to try them out. Then again my head is rather “big” for headphones. They don’t stand out like other headphones I’ve seen and they are ones I’d actually take outside and anywhere I go. And I actually have. They have been overseas with me. Like actually use them when I go on plane rides and car rides and they fared really well for the abuse it’s been through. Like how I’ve used there are a testament to how rugged and strong and well-built they are.

Nevertheless, they seem to stick to these designs for seemingly one reason. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Clearly their features for the M-100 and Crossfade wireless are different but they are the more refined version of the LP for sure. Their design isn’t flawless, and as you read on you’ll see if they do deliver on their intention to bring good-looking and good sound together.


Over the years of listening that I’ve done on these headphones, they are an almost complete all-around headphones. Although I’ve never personally heard the M-100 for long enough time to critically listen to them, I’ve gotten to try one my friend owns for a song and I can say from the LP and the M-100, V-Moda had definitely refined it since. These headphones are rather DJ-oriented as a lot of people say in my research, but I can kind of beg to defer otherwise. These are an all-genre headphones that will suit almost most peoples needs.

Now, let me describe their sound characteristics first. Their low-end is really their main selling point as well for these headphones, with their characteristically warm and punchy bass. Their mid-range and high-range aren’t the best I’ve heard but they are better than average. Their bass is really one of the best I’ve heard on headphones. I’ve loved these since I got them and still do now even after trying other headphones and even speakers.

Songs that gravitate towards the electronic and pop are the best sounding on these, and that’s what makes them DJ-oriented as a lot of people say. But really, other genres sound better than decent at worst. Over the years listening to these headphones, listening to classical pieces with string instruments with percussion, and even jazz music, they aren’t that bad. It’s even not even close to the point where you want to stop listening to them because they sound horrible and all you can hear is the bass drowning the other sound frequencies.

To further elaborate, the vocals experienced with these headphones are rather intimate, but overall imaging and sound-stage with these headphones are rather deep and realistic. When things sound far you can believe they are rather far, and when in general everything sounds rather realistic. Instruments, electronic generated sounds, sound like, how I think they would sound. I can’t really say I’ve heard everything and everyone in real-life, but they are pretty realistic for me. Even orchestral music sounds rather realistic. I’ve been to orchestral concerts before (don’t ask but I do fall asleep on occasion to classical), and they replicate orchestras decently. I say decently because there is a hint of unnaturalness they is produced by these headphones. They do try however, and I’ll give credit for that.

Imaging impressively does present middle-ground and I like that it does. There is an in-between to just left and right and middle, and unlike speakers they don’t do the best job but they are pretty good. Another thing to address is their bass. This is the one thing I love about these headphones. It feels like they just pumped the bass up and bit and called it a day. Not in a bad way. The punchy and warm bass that I’ve seen reviews mention with V-modas are really good. They do it in a way that doesn’t overwhelm everything else. You want more, but at the same time you don’t. It’s in that threshold and you like it there. Anything more and it could be too much and anything less makes it a balanced headphone that you kind of don’t want. It’s the best of both worlds (bass-y and balance) and that’s what I like about it.



  • Love the punchy, warm bass
  • DJ-oriented, but above average everything headphones
  • Build-quality is superb and stands test of time
  • Skinny jeans fit (but adjustment range could be not enough for some)

These are pretty good everyday headphones and are perfect for those that want a good-looking headphones they can take with them everywhere and last for at least two-years (may vary with use). They have been with me for 4-years and almost 5 now. Other then maybe the pads for the ear-cups being replaced they can last really long with good care and combine good-sound with good looks and rugged build. Really that means anyone can use it and it can last. Unfortunately as mentioned, V-Moda has discontinued this product, but for anyone considering V-Moda can be assured they have refined their newer products such as the M-100 and Crossfade Wireless and should definitely shortlist V-Modas as an audiophile headphone that combines superb built-quality with stylish looks and good sound.

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