A throwback: my Sony SS-K10ED w/ updates

A picture off the SS-M9ED, NOT the SS-K10ED, taken from a google.com search.

If anyone has been following since the beginning, you might remember the long standing speaker that I’ve at in my system for quite awhile. The Sony SS-K10ED bookshelf speaker. It’s Sony’s attempt at high-end trickle down audio, and I’m not sure how much these retailed in the US, but they were, converted into USD back when they were sold around 2007, selling for around $600 USD in Japan. They are the result of trickling-down technolgy from their flagship speaker back then, the Sony SS-M9ED, which does have this specific type of tweeter, even if used a bit differently in a much different enclosure. The flagship I’m speaking of, is actually a tower speaker with a Bowers & Wilkins style tweeter in a separate tweeter enclosure. From the picture, you can’t really tell if it is in one though. But nevertheless, back to the Sony SS-K10ED, the one that I have, these bad boys were the first ones in a more permanent system that stuck with my set-up for a really long time relative to how long my website started.

a frontal picture of the Sony SS-K10ED in case you forgot how it looks like.\

Ok, on to the main point then, why am I talking about this? Well, for now, I’ve switched back to them. Wait, so it wasn’t the NHT SB1, that I’ve switched to because I’m reviewing them, and because I think these are better than the SuperZero? Well yes and no to both questions. Since I have less of a restriction on space with the stands, I’ve decided to revisit the SS-K10ED. I’ve truthfully already done this once before, and I actually like the SS-K10ED better with the NAD T747 that I have right now just a bit. So quite permanently I’m going to switch to the Sony SS-K10ED for at least awhile, and switch back to the SB1 every now and then. Wait, did I say switch back? Why? The two speakers apparently appeal to me in different ways and both apply different principals that actually appeal to me in a different way quite substantially.

To put it simply in this case, I like the sound characteristics of the Sony SS-K10ED just a bit better, but I also like the very precise imaging and soundstage of the SB1 as well. So, I like both, but how do I decide between them? I’ve thought so long that, I’ve decided to just screw it, and just switch between then every now and then. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to sell either of them anytime soon anyway. I’ll just be putting both the speakers on my set-up page and I’ll explain I’m switching between the two now. Well, since I’ve gotten them out of the way, I’ll also just say I want to revisit the SuperZero as well, since I still have those in storage in another room. It’s going to be an interesting test with this different positioning. It’s brought up a different perspective of them for me as well. So much so that I might consider even giving the Sony SS-K10ED a third look, yes you saw it right, a third look and opinion because of that.

But for now, I’m still working on the NHT SB1 review, and with that almost done, I’m going to be focusing my efforts a new short project that came up for me. I’ll let you guys know when that project is up, which is going to be a new venture for me. Until then, the pursuit of quality audio reproduction continues!


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