Day 3

Now, I realize that using days to keep track may not be a great idea, if I cannot attend to my site everyday, because truthfully, I can’t. On Saturdays I’m basically out all day, and on Sundays I have to finish up my homework. Earlier today I was playing Basketball (I hit a game winning And-one after being fouled so I’m proud of that) at the park right after school, so I realized I don’t have a ton of time for my blog, but I’ll try to anyway, for all you guys (in the future at least), for your benefit and mine. I plan to have some start up opinions for setting up a stereo system and maybe for a surround system maybe later, after I consult a few things from my dad and the internet. In addition, I want to do some reviews/detailed descriptions on some of my stuff (like the Sony SS-K10ED) to prove that they are actually pretty worth getting if one so happens to stumble upon them used and in good condition with a nice price tag. Other than that, hopefully I’ll get more followers and maybe viewers at least for my site. Go me! XD

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