Beats by Dr. Dre

The first thing I want to say is that this will be the first of many informative entries for you guys out there from me. Beats are being used by many artists, athletes, and even people out there. But to my knowledge, they aren’t getting the best quality sound they can get for that price. I’ve tested some out for myself in a store, and really I can’t find anything too great about them. Really, I’m not someone who hates Beats by Dr. Dre to the core, but I just don’t like their value. I have my reasons and evidence, and basically, there are a lot more headphones out there that are more worth it to try and get in the original retail price range of about $199-299(the solo 2 for $199.99 retail on their site as of 10/2/2016).

First of all, Beats (I’ll refer to them this way from this point) don’t have the best sound quality for their price range, and really, a lot of people are buying them to be popular rather than for sound, because the big names and other people are buying them. Also, you don’t see them win any awards in many well known audiophile magazines, like Sound and Vision, or the popular CNET audiophile section. In fact, in, where they rank 32 headphone brands from best to worst, they came in 32, dead last. Their research is based on over 3000 headphones reviewed, and over 30,000 reviews, so I can put some trust, but not complete trust on their site. As the website states, “while none of them are actually bad headphones, they are not worth the price they ask for them. The internal electronics of Beats headphones do not merit the pricing- you pay for the advertising and the endorsements. You won’t get a bad set from Beats, but you won’t get good value either.” I can agree with this statement, because really, the total cost of materials for a pair of Beats Solo HD (from last year) is about $20.18, as estimated by a prototype engineer, in by him. In that article, even the counterfeit for Beats are not that far different.

So really, the beats you see a lot are popular, but as (again) says, “the most well-known brands are typically not the best, and Beats is no exception”. No words more true can be said about this brand, and other audiophile brands. So, I suggest, that if you haven’t already gotten Beats, go do your research into other headphones, and headphone brands for their price range, and then make your decision, which will very likely rule out the Beats, because, in my opinion, similar to other, there are even headphones out there that cost less, and will sound a lot, I repeat for emphasis, a lot better, than Beats for their price.

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