Did you know?

Even if I’m working on something in my room, I’m always listening to music? Rarely do I just turn it off and work on my homework. That means as I was making this site, and this blog entry even, I’m listening to music. (fyi) I’m listening to kpop, because I like it and because I like it compared to music on the radio nowadays, because for almost all of them with a cool beat, the lyrics aren’t right for singing, if you get what I mean. Some of the newer songs are more inappropriate to be sung out loud because of the references they make. For kpop, they make references to love, and rarely (that) something else, and because I don’t understand it much, not to mention I also like the way the language sounds. Back to the point, I’m always listening to something if I’m in my room with my system. Fun fact for missing out on the weekends (expect that a lot, my apologies).


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