Back at it & Twinsters

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With the chaos of Hurricane Matthews have subsided, and I’m back at this site of mine, and I’ll probably add more information and opinions later. Maybe some surround system? Maybe even opinions and maybe even other stuff I’ll think of later.

But for now, I just want to share this amazing documentary called “Twinsters” about twins separated at birth (with no information whatsoever about each other) and reunited only 25 years later through social media. I find this documentary really heartwarming and I love the music (will certainly look for them) used in it. What’s really interesting is that these twins only realized about each other through the power of technology such as the internet, social media and most importantly, Youtube (hint hint). Being a twin myself (did I mention that before?), I find this most interesting, despite only being fraternal twins, which basically means we are siblings born at around the same time (2 minutes apart to be exact). Their story of how they found each other, and their adventures after meeting each other will certainly make your day. I hope this recommendation will brighten your day, and show that family can also be the friends you meet along the way.

p.s. my speakers and everything is fine, nothing was damaged and nothing even touched them. Lucky me.

p.p.s. I changed the domain to my website just because I wanted it to have sound in front, but I’m worried it’ll be be mistaken as I’m not confident and very confused about what I’m saying regarding audiophile stuff, so hopefully not 🙂


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