Lingering feelings

Have you ever parted with a pair of speakers or anything from your system and still felt those “lingering feelings” because they were with you for a long time? I have. In my case however, it was with my dad’s separate. We had this one stereo pre-amplifier (he was picky on the stereo pre-amplifiers) since when I was about 5 years old, and got a Krell stereo pre-amplifer (used) online and it was really good. He had no use for the other pre-amplifier and sold it. As he was packing it I knew I could not see the familiar sights of that pre-amplifier on his system anymore. It was that type of lingering feelings

Nonetheless, my point is, is that I’m somehow feeling this way on the Documentary I recommended you guys called Twinsters. I keep wanting to know more about these amazing pair of twins, and it’s not because they’re South Korean (I’m quite a huge Kpop fan if you haven’t already known), but because of their story, how they met and went on from there. It’s quite amazing really. I feel like I could re-watch their Documentary for days and not get bored.  Besides that the audio on this documentary is actually pretty good. The music selection is really nice (I found most of them and bought those I like to listen for myself), and the sound seems pretty well recorded.

I can’t say much, but something about their story, besides being twins like I am, and South Korean, and maybe even being pretty good-looking themselves, that draws me in. Is it their mind-set and their open-mindedness dealing with all this amazing coincidence? Maybe it is, because if you have watched it, both sisters dealt with the situation really well, with an open-mind and an open-heart. Their families were very supportive, and they both were willing to trace their roots to find out, that they are not alone, that they are loved. They were also very respecting of their birth mother’s decision to not meet with them, and despite her denying their existence, still said and expressed their love for her in a letter for her, if she ever reads it and wants to get in contact. Thinking and ranting about this now, I feel that maybe that’s the case.

Well, enough about that. I’ve had quite a long day getting back into my usual routine with the hurricane, and I shall, maybe watch the documentary over again 🙂


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