First Impressions of the B&W LM1

I’m impressed honestly. The clarity is there, the the imaging, the sound stage, the guitars, and the vocals are slightly more neutral sounding than my Sony SS-k10ED. This made me think my Sony’s are slightly on the bright/warm side. Strings seem more natural sounding, and the vocals are pleasant to listen to.

The characteristics of these speakers seem like they aren’t the type to fatigue you, after listening to them for long hours. These tweeters sound really nice, on the S’s in the vocals on the cymbals. Depth of the sound stage may not be very deep, but we’ll see after some time. Vocals when played seem more raspy, and the highs in the voice seem to have a difference. Electric guitars on overdrive sound pretty good, and the imaging for the voice may be neutral or slightly forward.

Honestly comparing them to my Sony’s may not be the best idea because their retail price is not the same, retailing at about $175 for one (not a pair) new. But they can be compared, so I can say so far they are pretty good to me. I might do a small review on these before my dad gets them back, so expect at least something on these speakers.

For now, back to listening to them~


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