Opening up

It has come to my attention that absolutely no one has seen my site for at least the past two weeks. I was busy and didn’t have the time to update it as much. However, I feel that if I can share me identity, that I can share my website and receive more followers, or some at all. So, maybe I should just be open about my identity? Well, no harm no foul, but not many people know I’m an audiophile, and it’s not like the situation presents itself where I can say that, so well, I guess I can share my identity. The only thing holding me back is the regret sooner of later if I do reveal my identity. I might look back at this decision and this article and regret doing it, or be appreciative and glad I did. Well, for now, I still have time to think about it. Until then, I’ll just have to rely on my luck to get more followers and readers. Until next time then, future readers.


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