Coming and Going DACs

So the Bel Canto 2.5 DAC was sold. Sadly I had to remove it. Oh well, it was temporary anyway.

In other news, while my dad is reviewing another component, I have the privilege to try this DAC out in my set-up for the moment as he is finishing a write up for the component (NAD hybrid DAC amplifier C368) that arrived earlier than this one. For now, the component I get to try out is the Auralic Altier. It’s a DAC streamer. One DAC gone, another has come to replace it, luckily. And also temporarily. So far my luck with DAC is holding out. But after all this, I’ll probably be stuck with the default DAC from my Laptop, but at least it’s decent enough compared to these DAC I’ve been trying out. Turns out the difference isn’t too bad.

Well back to the Auralic Altier, my dad has gotten the privilege to review their new product. It’s able to stream via wifi, but the only drawback to this so far, is that you’ll need an Apple product to set it up, as right now they don’t have the android app for the set-up, and unfortunately for us, all but one phone is Samsung. So, luckily for us, my brother who was stuck up on buying the iPhone 4s years ago, still keeps it as a back up *laughs wimply* A bit of background on Auralic, if you haven’t heard, the company is based in Beijing, but being Chinese doesn’t mean they are not serious, these are in the class of Hi-End, being around $1,800 a piece. Well we’ll see if they live up to the price tag, and in the meanwhile I get to enjoy it.

That’s it for this update, for now, I’m going to enjoy my temporary bliss with DACs, so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll probably be missing for a week or so. 🙂


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