The Assistance Privilege rants with NAD Hybrid

Well, I’m back earlier than expected, but that’s only because I’m enjoying the Auralic Altier stereo Streaming DAC while I post this one. Well, you know how my dad is a reviewer? yep, this is the other component before the Auralic Altier to arrive, so he’s in the works to complete his review on this. It’s almost done, so expect it in a month or two before it’s published.

Honestly at this point I don’t really care about my privacy. It’s not like I’m famous, but well, with that info, you’ll get a hint on who’s my dad. Heck, I might even share links to review articles as well.

On to the component I’m going to share, that I had gotten the privilege (again) to try out and test before he finished his other review with a Home Theatre speaker set from Golden Ear (Here, you can find info on my dad, and who he is and where he works for [not really]. Well that’s that for my dad, he’s awesome). It’s not in my hands at the moment but, well, I still get to listen to it too. You can’t really see it, but on the component itself it says NAD Hybrid Digital DAC amplifier c368. And why is it a hybrid? Well usually amplifiers don’t come with a DAC, which convert your digital sound files such as MP3, FLAC into analog (basically sound, and hence the name “Digital-to-Analogue Converter”), it just amplifies sound. This one just has the DAC and stereo amplifier along with it.

Lately the demand and the market for these are on the rise, and NAD is venturing into it with the c368. With this one being released, uh, in the later half of last year (haha, I’m reminded it’s 2017) they are hoping to also venture into wireless hifi audio, as this one is equipped with the extra BluOS module. The design is modular, so you can add extras and stuff at your own disposal (as long as they fit and are compatible). This BluOS module however, is something you can buy from NAD as well with the C368, which comes from the sister company, Bluesound (you can read about their models here), which allows for wireless streaming in addition to the Bluetooth already standard with the C368. This allows for control of the C368 from the BluOS app Bluesound has developed on their own for specifically lossless wireless Wifi streaming devices for the best experience possible.

Add that a really expensive component with a good DAC and amplifier combo for $899 USD (not including the BluOS module which comes up to $1,299.99 (on crutchfield) USD) and you get a Hifi standard 2-in-1. Worth it right? It’s basically a stereo all-in-one essential without the turntable (but I’m more a CD or Mp3 or FLAC guy) and a STREAMER. With streaming a big way to listen to music nowadays (I find local storage reliable tho because streaming lowers quality, but thank god for those lossless streamers like Tidal, which I unfortunately don’t have) it’s good for the audiophile to have a means to stream lossless files as best, which the BluOS and Wifi excels at trying to do at least.

Now consider that NAD is the company that makes this. Without a doubt they have expectations to fill. Not really in the looks department though because I heard they make good sounding components which looks bland or boring for the most part. It’s a case of function over form in my opinion though, although it doesn’t hurt for a bit of eye candy where you can take it.

Enough of my rants though, like any other reviewer (at the very least an aspiring one), I’ll let the component speaker for itself and see how it performs. Taking into consideration the costs, this better be good. So far though, I’m liking it, a lot *smirk face*.

p.s. I’ll update this when I have the link to the review article by my dad. I’ll be “here” when it’s linked


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