The Blue rant

Well hello, I’m back at it again. This time, I’m just updating on my status, because I’m without any DAC, at least externally. It’s kinda sad that the audio I can produce from my laptop wasn’t as good, but I can’t complain because it can still output at 24bit-192khz, and it does it pretty good too.

Enough about the rants on my laptop specs. I’m back to square one. Well it wasn’t bad in the first place, so that’s fine. I’m just stuck with sound not as clean though, because that’s what I can take away from all this. The sound from my laptop’s DAC isn’t that clean especially when it’s supposed to be silent. It’s not a completely “black” background as my dad would say it. I trust his opinion.

In other news, we got a Blue Sound Pulse mini to review along with the NAD hybrid to test out it’s capabilities with the BluOS software with the Pulse. So far, it’s been really impressive, and for a speaker that small, it can produce quite a full sound. The only drawback is that to achieve a full-range sound, I suspect that the digital amplifier is not a flat response, to compensate with the already pretty low 45Hz it can go to. But no matter, it can deliver sound beyond what it seems, and I should say it’s probably worth the price, with an MSRP of $499. I’ve been using it as a gaming speaker for now though, as it has an optical input, so it can produce sound from my PS4 that can only output the sound through optical, for those who don’t have the PS4. So far it’s been faring really well. It’s been a pleasant experience with the speaker, and it has improved the experience of gaming compared to a normal output through the TV, so that says a lot about this little guy.

I’ve actually had the chance to tryout and help review the previous Pulse, but not the mini, through. This was during the time my dad had a chance to review the previous Blue Sound products before the 2nd generation was released. I’d say that it impressed me, so this was pretty much the same kind of sound, somewhat improved, in a smaller form! So that definitely impressed me. I’ll spare the details for now, because I intend to dive deeper into it in a later blog or project. For now, I’m going to focus on my studies, so I’m going missing for awhile 🙂


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