A little teaser on what’s to come: Klipsch Quintet III review

I’ve just got these little but heavy speakers in a set of 5 for a 5.0 surround sound setup, with a center channel included, so I’m excited that there is something new for me to review. I’ve personally never had a Klipsch, and have barely heard any except in stores, so I have some expectations coming in that I’ll try to ignore, before I butcher the review. But so far, these little things have been a blast to have, especially in these first few hours of using them. I’ll get that review out soon, because these are some sounds these little things are producing! They fool you almost every time too. These are not new by the way, and I got them used for a good price. They were part of a set that was sold along with a receiver, which was my actual goal. I had wanted something good for my gaming system, something not too expensive but not too cheap either, and these were a good deal. Got myself a sub along with it too! Soon it’ll be a 5.1 in the gaming room, and I can’t wait to see the potential that lies in the system with the review of the satellites that I’ll be doing. That whole deal I (technically my dad got it) got would make for some more content that I can post, so it’s a win-win situation for me. Hurray for used stuff!


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