Preview: Bel Canto S300 Stereo Amplifier

What do you know, I’ve gotten my hands at something temporary again. This time it’s the Bel Canto S300 Stereo Amplifier that used to be in my dad’s system in some form again. Bel Canto in italian means beautiful singing, but the company itself is not Italian, surprisingly. It’s American. But, now that my dad has found better used components, he wants to sell this now. Since it’s sitting around, like every other component that’s been in my room, I’ve decided to borrow it until it’s sold. With a name like Bel Canto, you can expect some beautiful singing to come out of this right?

It’s going to replace my Topping TP-41, but since it’s bigger than the topping, I’m actually putting it on top of my subwoofer as a stand. I’m not worried that the the legs will scratch my sub, as they are rubber, but rather I was worried about what I would do without the volume adjustment that the Topping had. Well, I almost forgot that I played most of my music and sound from my laptop. And it has volume adjustment, obviously. One reason I almost forgot was that I’d usually set it to 100 for both the laptop master volume and the player volume, so I can just adjust the volume from the Topping. Now that there isn’t (I’ve already “borrowed” it, can you tell?), I’ll just have to live with adjusting the volume directly from the laptop. But that’s easily livable.

I’m already hearing the differences between the Bel Canto and the Topping, so I’m excited to do a review on it (hope that doesn’t give away anything), within the short time I have with it. So You can expect something for me soon!


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