I’ve returned from the other side of the world

So I’m back from my holiday, which didn’t leave me much time to sit and type up anything to post for the past 2 months and so lucky that I left some details on the break/hiatus.

So now that I’m back I’ll be back to writing more things for you guys. It truly felt like time went by fast there and now I’m taken back to reality. But there are some pros to being back such as being back to listen to good sound on my system, because there wasn’t really much to good sound systems there, but I’ll be missing the company that I have there.

Besides that, my dad has acquired some new additions in the house, which replaced some older, not-as-good components which makes it more worth-while to actually talk about now that I’m back as well. But for now, I’m going to finish up some of the drafts of contents that I’ve been writing on, and hopefully you guys will read it and like it! Look forward to it 🙂

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