And it’s gone again (Bel Canto S300). Preview + updates + hiatus details

Sad news again guys, it’s gone. The Bel Canto S300 is gone. It’s been sold. Funny story though, because someone who reads my dad’s reviews bought it, and requested his signature on it, which wasn’t fulfilled because it was already packed in double boxes by the time he asked. Man, I didn’t know my dad had fans. That was a pleasant experience. Either way, it’s gone, but I’m not going back to my Topping TP-41 just yet. I’ve yet again, got my hands to try one of my dad’s review samples. And this one’s twice the price of that Bel Canto S300. OOOHHHHHH. Exciting. Not to give out too many clues, it’s an integrated amplifier, and he’s yet to release the review so I’m not going to give out too much details. Besides that, I’m probably going on a hiatus, as I’m going out of the country tomorrow (or today as it’s past midnight as I’m writing this), to visit family before I’m busy with college. As I’ve said before, I have a few reviews or topics that I can post once in a while as I’m there busy vacationing, so I’m not gone for too long, as I’m coming back around end of July. The updates will depend on my availability, so we’ll see as we go along. Until then, enjoy your summer guys!


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