Whoa… 24-bit 384kHz

I’ve just discovered, after playing around with the settings that my new Lenovo 910 laptop, when I output through the only USB A 3.1 port on it to the Auralic Polaris DAC is capable of, as the title gives away, generating audio at 24-bit 384kHz, which as you may know is double the kHz of the usual 24-bit 192kHz that my previous laptop could do. No surprise, because it’s relying more on the DAC to do the digital converting. Now, with the superb sounding Auralic Polaris that’s in my system at the moment, I’d say that makes for one heck of a system. The DAC in this is definitely no joke. Paired with an amp of the same value, now you’ll get something downright worth listening.

Since I’ve just discovered it, I can now enjoy a better sounding experience to come out of this system. I’m probably not going to review it because I don’t think I’ll have the Polaris long enough to generate a full review. In the case that I do I’ll just let you guys know and I’ll post it some day. In the middle kinda case scenario, I’ll just generate some comments in the blog section instead.

There are some perks for this ability, because the Auralic Polaris does recognize the 384kHz and displays 384KS as I output through the USB. Oohh, exciting times to be able to experience this. Although, slight problem for me personally is that most of my music is most probably (I didn’t pay much attention to the bit and kHz, etc) nothing better than 320kbps MP3. At least most of the music I have on the local disk drive which I’ve already imported from the old laptop. I have other means of trying out this output though, such as using some of the sample music my dad uses which is in DSD format which can output natively at this bit-rate. That’s not too bad, but that’ll mean in terms of natively-384kHz music will be limited because we don’t have too much. The other most used format for us the CD quality music, which I’ll see as well, for a comparison because the default output for the DAC was 24-bit 44kHz.

That’s it for me right now, because I want to do some listening to enjoy how good this sounds now.


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