Lenovo Yoga 910, relatively major changes!

As you may know, I’ve been holding up most of my at home work with the old (about 5 years old now) HP Elitebook that I have “borrowed” from my dad. I say borrowed because technically he doesn’t use it anymore and it’s more useful for just browsing the web and playing videos rather than intensive stuff like running games. I was due for my own as well because borrowing meant sharing, and one other sibling used the laptop I actually borrowed to use when I’m on campus, so I didn’t want to hog it all the time.

My major, which I’ll reveal because it’s relevant to this matter, is Mechanical Engineering. It’s a broad kind of major, broad engineering field, but I’m not into one specific kind so it’s perfect for me so far. In this field, I’ll need to use CAD (Computer-aided-design [programs]), which require a rather high spec laptop. Hence, for me to do some of the required homework and whatnot, I would require to install and use those kinds of programs on my laptop. As the old one cannot possibly handle CAD, bought myself a new laptop with the appropriate specs as my everyday performer. As such, meet the Lenovo Yoga 910, that I literally got yesterday from when I wrote this.

As a convertible laptop, this laptop can serve it’s purpose as note taker in class, by becoming a tablet and allowing me to take notes (albeit not from an active pen which is kind of a draw back), and can perform rather intense applications like CAD. I personally bought the highest spec model, with the 4K (3840 by 2160) resolution, with 1TB storage and 16GB Ram (aka memory). I was considering another HP (specifically the Spectre X360 13″) but I didn’t want to buy the exact same one as my twin brother (yes I have a twin who also bought at a laptop at the same time). This was the next alternative with better specs, and not too much of a price difference because it was on sale. Nevertheless, I’m loving it so far, and I’m trying to soak it all in. It’s gunmetal black aluminum chassis looks superb and I like the watchband hinge (seriously you can go look at some pictures online. It’s really stylish) it has. Talk about a high-end laptop.

One interesting aspect of this laptop is that it has JBL premium Audio speakers (stereo too) found on the back where the bottom of the touchpad is. Surprisingly it sounds pretty good for laptop speakers. You know what that calls for. I’m reviewing this. Audio-wise. Not the laptop. I’m not one who reviews laptops, I’ll leave that to actually tech reviwers. Nonetheless I think this is interesting. My brother’s HP Spectre X360 sports a Bang & Olufsen branded speaker with really interesting grill design, so I might comment on that as well. We’ll see. As always, look forward to the next content update! ( I’ll have more pictures as well. I only took this when I was unboxing so I didn’t have much )


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