Update: Headphones in the future

It’s been awhile, and the work has been piling up for me in college. I’m handling it pretty fine but in certain cases I’m getting worried. It’s nothing too worrying either because it’s just me handling my expectations vs. reality. Also, as the title gives away, I’ll be reviewing some headphones in the future. I’m a speaker guy, but since I have some means of headphones and not the most content in line at the moment, I’ll be giving my opinions on some headphones in my possession/in the house. I’m not the most well versed in headphones, but I can definitely tell between the different types of headphones in the market, and what to kind of expect. Because I don’t think speakers and headphones are the most different in terms of what I’m looking for when reviewing, I’m taking the challenge on. I may be completely wrong when I do so, but you never know unless you try. I’ve read reviews of headphones on the internet. I’ll use them as reference. I’m finishing up a review before starting some headphone/earphone reviews, so look forward to that one as well!


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