New review uploaded (Auralic Polaris)

Just another short update, I’ve finished reviewing and writing the review on the Auralic Polaris I’ve had time to borrow. You can check it out in the reviews tab, or you can go to the link here. I’ve had it for long enough, and even after spending at least 7 hours and 25 revisions on the review to make sure I do it justice as much as possible, I don’t know if I did and don’t feel like I do it justice too much either. You’ll really have to listen to that thing. But enough of that, the new review is posted, and is another one to the collection of things I’ve done reviews on. I might edit it here and there because I’ve realized as well writing this, that I’ve actually forgotten to put a summary of points at the bottom for the review. Goes to show reviewing many times still isn’t enough.

On the other side of things, I’ll be starting a new venture to headphones and will let you know what and how they are soon! Look forward to that!


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