Another parting and a new start

So, this time there has been another parting with a component that I’ve gotten to try. The Auralic Polaris that I’ve had with me for awhile is not in my possession anymore. It was such as good component that I would’ve like to have with me. It’s just really expensive and something I obviously can’t keep. For now, I’m back to the JVC receiver that I’ve had with me. Switching back, I can obviously tell the difference in the quality of the sound. I’m already starting to miss it. It was such an enjoyable component to listen to through my speakers. Made a world of difference. Almost literally.

Besides that, I’ve actually just posted the a new short review on the headphones I’ve had a chance to try. I actually had plans to review a different set of headphones, but because I didn’t want to forget the details, as it does to everyone, I decided to go ahead and write the review for it first. Because of the short time I’ve had to try it, I purposely put in the word quick review. It wasn’t the most proper review, but it was a quick and short one. Definitely check that out. For now, I’ll be reviewing the headphones I initially wanted to review first. It’s something you’ll want to look forward to. In other news as well, my dad’s gotten some more review stuff. I’m not going to spoil it until he posts about it, but it’s something to really, really get excited for. I might even get to try it out as well. We’ll see. On a small note, finals are this coming week for me so I’ll be void of posts for a bit. Wish me luck!


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