Finals like every college student…

So, as a busy college student now, I don’t have much time I can set aside for the blog. It’s been a bit stagnant regarding posts on the blog but I’ll be able to get a few out there soon. School’s almost out and that means my Finals are nearing. I have about 3 finals, one of which isn’t actually a final exam, so I really have two. It’s nice because I hear people usually have a lot more finals and it’s very stressful times. I have more like 2 to focus on and I can take more time to study compared to other. Well, that means I can spare a minute or two to write up an entry here and there as well. Over winter break I’ll probably have more time to write up a few more for you guys as well.

I’ve been thinking as well that writing everything isn’t really the most “new-school” way of doing this kind of blog/site, but it’s the most convenient for me. However, I’m also just putting it out there that I might try something like video review. Maybe get a Youtube channel start or something regarding audio and such. It would be an interesting experiment for me personally. Other than that, there are a few things in terms of content I can get you guys going for the moment so look forward to that!


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