Pure Power to Sound

(Excuse the mess) One day, I noticed that there was white noise coming from the speakers when I wanted to crank up the music (turn the volume up just in case you don’t know what that meant) and didn’t play anything. It was honestly quite annoying and I could hear it in the background somewhat as well. So, I asked my ever so helpful dad and he suggested using an electricity “purifier” of some sort. It was old and helpfully also worked as an extender to the power outlet as well.

Before this I was using an extender as well because of how many things I had plugged in, and well frankly it did nothing to purify the power and only worked to provide more sockets to plug into. This other one that he gave to me is a monster surge protector and noise suppression extender. There is a bunch of other uses but they are foreign to me. But in a good way it was supposed to help with the sound quality, even if minor in theory.

So I went about trying it out, plugging it in to a switched and un-switched side. That meant, as I figured out was whether or not the device plugged in was one you switch on and off or not. And the switched side was the one that you can turn off and on remotely. With that I put in all the audio components and the others on the other side. It does do well as organization. But the amount of plugs extended was more than enough to fit everything that I have powered. After that it was just plug and play.

So, moment of truth, did it bring any improvement, if any at all? The answer to that, is it did quite a world of difference! A world you say? What do you mean by that? I do mean that overall sound quality-wise, I can hear the difference and improvement almost immediately and it is really nice. For my specific system, I hear deeper and wider sound-stage, sharper imaging and even more accurate reproduction of sound.  Literally all three important sound qualities is very impressive and proof enough for me to keep this adjustment. I’m starting to see how all the pieces are coming together in how my dad’s system as well that does actually contribute to how it good it sounds, and how mine can sound better as well. It can come down to the small details such as the quality of power that goes through the components as well. And by that I mean how smooth the power output is and how “pure” in terms of noise by which the outlet produces.

So, I’m going to keep this special extension of my dad’s that he doesn’t use anymore anyway and sit back, enjoy this better sound-quality produced by the purer power coming from the source. Pure power to sound indeed!


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