Another change to my cornerstone

Just a few days ago, I was using the JVC receiver that’s listed (I’ll be updating it as soon as possible) as my set of equipment. I found locally a set of equipment that someone was trying to get rid of quickly, so I inquired and found myself heading home with the equipment that day an hour later. Now, I’m in the possession of a Sony STR-DH800 7.1 receiver that apparently has mostly really good reviews. And I can say it does sound better overall. I haven’t gotten to try it in surround but stereo, as you may know I only have stereo equipment and one matching center sitting on a shelf right beside my desk. After trying it out and everything, I found myself liking how sounds compared to the JVC so I’m selling that to get back for what I spent on the Sony and some other equipment I got well.

I’ll say, it was a pleasant experience with the JVC receiver I had, which a lot of people said was one of the good-sounding JVC at the time. And I can agree. It sounded better than my first “cornerstone”, the Topping TP-41 which somehow got passed down to my sibling. That’s why I switched in the first place. This Sony receiver that I’ve got right now sounds smoother and more transparent with imaging that’s as good, so I’m keeping this until I find something better again.

So far, I’m finding this progression very satisfying. Slow, but satisfying. It’s like leveling up every once in awhile. But it is rather slow I feel, because of my circumstances and whatnot. Maybe it’s because I’m in an age where everything is rather fast-paced as well? Who knows. But in the search of better sound, I’m willing to be as patient as I can. I’m stuck writing a review on my long-time headphones so that’s why I haven’t posted any reviews at all. It’s a bit challenging to do a review of something you have had for awhile personally because I tend to be a bit biased. Either way, I’m almost done with that so expect a review within the next day or two!


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