Review in the making, and some problems with my subwoofer.

I’ve been working on the latest review, and I’ve realized that I literally wrote 3 large paragraphs on just the actual sound impression of the review product. And I don’t even thing I’m done with the overall impressions yet. The whole section of my impression of the speakers are at least 6 long paragraphs filled with everything you need to know. The worst part about that is even I think it’s long, but in my mind everything I’ve said is quite necessary, so it’s probably not going to decrease in size by much when I proofread and edit it later. It’s going to be quite a thorough review I must say.

In other news as well, my Velodyne subwoofer is quite the troublesome case so far. The connector for the input is somewhat messed up, so it produces a static when the cable is connected a certain way and I have to kind of wiggle it every time it triggers the static. This was first discovered when I was switching to a receiver for the first time decided to just switch to a sub-output for convenience. Lately I was woken up by it once, and it was unstoppable once for a solid 3 minutes which was annoying as I was doing my schoolwork and it didn’t want to stop. I figured it wasn’t a problem with the cable because I’ve switched cables to see if it was and it just wasn’t. The static was still there. The connector has a bit of play (meaning movement), so that’s why I kind of wiggle it and see where it settles and doesn’t cause static. So, it usually stays like until something gets moved. This time it just popped up and that’s why it’s getting a bit frustrating. After a good shake I got it to stop so at least for now that’s a problem solved. Hopefully I’ll have time to diagnose internally the problem and put an end to this. Until then I’m just going to have to shake it off.


1 thought on “Review in the making, and some problems with my subwoofer.

  1. Cold joint case, you might need to resolder the pins or at least the ground pin of the connector.

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