New year, new (audio) gear

As you guys might have noticed, I’ve uploaded my latest review on the NHT SuperZero. This legendary audiophile favorite (as some on the internet claimed) speakers has reached my hand through (again) my dad who bought it for purposes of getting a surround that will match his system which has primarily NHT speakers. I’ve been with it for about a few weeks which means that I’ve had it since slightly after new years. But, as many know about their resolution, they tend to change. I’ve actually expressed how much I like these speakers to my dad, with the first time being the first time I’ve tried it as you may have noticed I implied in my review. That being said, I’ve been told that I could keep these! Apparently there was another deal for NHT SuperZeros that was good enough for him that he got them so I could keep these instead (thanks dad, you’re the best). So I’ve ended up with these as my speakers for now. I found these to be better than my more expensive-when-new speakers that I’ve had for quite awhile, the Sony SS-K10ED. I’ll be comparing them in another blog post, speaking of which, for everyone to read. It’ll explain more why I prefer this now instead of that and why I’ll be switching to these. It’s not just because I’ve been listening to my dad’s system with NHT speakers since I was a kid, I’ll tell you that, so look forward to that in the future. Also, now that I’m not using my Sony SS-K10ED, should I consider selling them? I’d like to see what anyone thinks in the comments. Until then, expect more to come!


1 thought on “New year, new (audio) gear

  1. I would keep them, sometimes a second opinion is always nice, but I’m biased about Sony.

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