Some help for the fam

I’ve been working on a post lately, and that’s something that’s taking quite awhile. But in other news, I’ve potentially gotten a helper for my blog. From an unexpected source no less. After a short discussion in the car while we were heading somewhere, as someone who listens to a lot more on headphones and earphones, I’ve decided to get help from my twin brother (no really, we’re twins). So the game plan here is that I’ll still be doing most of the audio parts where I talk about the sound quality, imaging, etc. and he’ll be the one who does more of the general things I actually realize I don’t do as much such as wearing them, everyday comfort, etc. So, it’ll be a more well-rounded review. Truthfully I am writing a review for my own headphones and I’m kind of stuck at a point where I need to get more time listening to them before I can write more and evaluate them better. All for the better review eh? In other news as well he just got some new headphones which are so far impressive, so that could be the first thing we’re going to review collaboratively. I’m kinda happy to be honest because he’s starting to get into the some aspects of being an audiophile although he’s not 100% like me. Well if he’s reading this, welcome to the club bro (hahaha).

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