The new baby on the block: Music Hall DAC15.2

So, on what seems like a whim, there was/is a kind of sale/discount online for this Music Hall DAC15.2. And guess who went for it? The other audiophile in my family. So, about a week later, I’m here with a mini DAC that can sit on my desk (technically it’s on my Glorious PC Gaming race Extended Mousepad if you’re wondering) and it’s small. Like really small. It fits in my hand kind of small. You’ll be expecting this to be on a desktop. And so it is. So, after all that, I’m trying this out as an external DAC to my system. Exciting times indeed! I’ll be comparing this to how it will improve my system if I play music through the built-in headphone jack of my laptop, vs. USB, like those Dragonfly DACs which I’ve heard about. I’ve never had one, but the principle is the same, the DAC is outside of the laptop, which in theory should eliminate any interference with the CPU and other electronics in the laptop itself, and in turn generate better sound. This falls in the same price range as the Dragonfly DAC, but there are a few key differences which I will be talking about in the future review, so expect more!

For now, that makes about 2 of the previous ambitions that I’ve discussed previously granted, which are, getting a better receiver (the NAD T747), and exploring an external DAC (this Music Hall DAC15.2). I didn’t expect it to happen this fast. Well, technically the DAC isn’t for me, and I’m trying it, so it’s not really achieved, but it’s close enough by definition of exploring. I might have to draw up another ambition/plan sooner or later! For now, I’ll be leaving you a picture of the Music Hall DAC15.2 as a teaser, so please expect more to come for sure!


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