Update: The Next step

So, I’m a little busy for this week, but since most of what I’ve talked about before in terms of “upgrades” were mostly surprisingly achieved kinda quickly, I’ve thought of some next step improvements that might be possible. They are, dedicated stereo separates, improved cables, and as a personal venture because of a want, new headphones.

I’ve been thinking about trying to go into stereo separates for quite awhile, although a drawback is that it takes up quite a lot of space in general because you are getting more specialized components, but the sound improvements can be vast and very specific improvements that you are going for, such as maybe getting better DAC or amplifier that better suits your needs instead of getting a whole new receiver. That also makes for a more diverse option in terms of the mixing and matching between components from different companies to produce sounds that better match you whole system. That can be a lot harder to do as well, but that can be done with time and is an achievable goal.

In terms of the cables, I’ve been using some 16 gauge cables that my dad doesn’t use anymore, which are pretty good, but I’ve been wanting to experiment a bit in what other cables presents to the portrayal of sound characteristics and how good it can be with better cables, etc. Cables are quite a grey area even for my dad because of how diverse and what people claim delivers better sound. That leaves me curious as well to see if I can improve sound in that aspect as well.

For headphones, although I don’t specifically try to review too much into it as I don’t have much experience or the means to try many of them, I would just like to get some new headphones that are capable of doing wireless while being awesome at wired applications as well, which I will save up for, as the pair that I’ve researched are really good in the looks and sound department both wired and wireless as well.

That’s all for now, so I’ll be continuing what I’ve been doing as soon as possible as I’m busy on a trip, which is leading me outside of the state, and so far I’ve not had time to work in it as the trip is quite physically demanding. So, still look forward to the review I’m working on! That’ll be all for now, so happy listening everyone!


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