Another one: V-Moda Crossfade Wireless 2 & a bit of history

So, it appears I have gotten something new (or quite relatively). Strike while the iron is hot. Grab the opportunity. As you can tell by the title already, I’ve gotten myself a pair of V-moda Crossfade Wireless 2 headphones. These are the latest releases from V-moda in which wireless capabilities are added to their headphones. But that’s not all. Unlike Bluetooth headphones, which in my opinion is meant to sound best wireless and don’t emphasize wired listening at all, V-moda is unique in that they promote that these headphones will sound as good wired as it is wireless. If not, the wired can be better than when used wireless. Why? Because they put wired applications as first priority and wireless second. That’s what I like about how they’re handling this specific model of headphones.

I have a wireless headphone gifted to me by my dad 3, almost 4 years ago as a birthday present, the AudioMX HB-8A but I realized that even though it still can be used wired, it presents a different sound than when used wireless. It didn’t sound as good wired as it was wireless which was somewhat a surprise for me. I did use it to my satisfaction, bringing it to and from my Badminton practice on the weekends. But I liked how V-moda handled their bass, better, but I liked how those AudioMX handled the higher end, which was clear, accurate, lacking just a bit of emotion but for the price point, it was really good. I wanted the best of both these worlds.

Now, since my V-moda Crossfade LP (which aren’t in production anymore), I’ve heard a lot about the M-100 and it’s refined highs since the LP. I’ve tried it for myself once at a Magnolia at my local Best Buy and wasn’t disappointed. That made it closer to the ideal for what I wanted my headphones to sound like, but they weren’t wireless which was something that I had wanted as a feature for my headphones, to combine the best of both worlds. Then came the V-moda Crossfade Wireless. Claiming to sound indifferent when wired vs wireless, they emphasized equal sounding for both types of application, which makes it clear it can be used both wired and wireless and it seem to be really meant to be used wired. And then, I’ve heard they partnered with Roland, and soon after the Crossfade Wireless 2 were released, having a more refined sound as I’ve heard reviewers say. Although I must say that favoring one colorway to have all the premium features of the Qualcomm AptX playback is not very helpful if you don’t really like their Rose Gold colorway. But High Resolution certification from the Japan Audio Society for it’s wired mode for all their models is a plus though.

Now, they’re having a sale for these headphones which are selling for $250 for all their models which is nice if you’ve wanted these. PSA for those of you reading this 😉 That’s probably because they’ve updated the Crossfade Wireless 2 to support more high resolution codec for wireless playback, sticking Codex edition on the back of the name. So all the colors now comes with Qualcomm’s AptX, Apple’s AAC and SBC for compatible devices. raised the price to it’s highest model’s price, which is $350. But since the older ones are one sale, I’ll take them because my device does not use the SBC codec but Qualcomm’s AptX, so Rose Gold for the non Codex Edition is perfect for now. It doesn’t help I’ve purchased them before the Codex edition was released, but either way I’m not able to take advantage of them, and they are expensive for my wallets right now.

I’ve actually gotten custom shields with my order as well, so it will take 2 weeks to get it made and shipped to me. But that was 2 weeks ago so I’m expecting them within the next weekday to get delivered. I’m so excited I’m writing this first and I’ll post pictures on a newer blog post about their arrival next! Until then!


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