They have arrived! V-moda Crossfade Wireless 2: Unboxing

So, a bit unexpectedly, these came a bit earlier than it was originally estimated to arrive. Originally they were supposed to arrive June 11th but I got another notification the morning after I wrote my previous blog post (June 8th), and it said it is expected to arrive later that day by 8pm. I came home to see the box lying there with my name on it. Hours later and I was listening to them and trying them out while I’m writing this. I’m not going to say much just yet, because I’ll be saving them for the complete review of these. I’ve got to say, V-moda will remain so far as my favorite brand that combines both looks and sound. First impressions are looking good. As you can see, I’ve got custom 3D shields that have my initials on them. There are originally quite heavy, so the lighter 3D fiber shields will help a bit in that aspect. The unboxing experience is nothing new to me, but I like that they’re somewhat upped their game a bit.

The box is nothing new for me, but I realized it was not as tall the the box for the LP. It is the same weird box shape  though. The top is angled and the profile of the box from above is a hexagon with long top and bottom sides. There it shows some pictures and features of the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless 2. I cut the ribbon tying the box closed, and open the box. Inside, I take out the cardboard like paper and foam casing protecting the travel case where the headphones are inside of as part of the packaging as well. On the side was a bag containing the manual, quick start guide, an accessories catalog and a V-moda sticker. The last of which, the sticker, was not given out to buyers for the LP. Almost forgot, the custom shields came outside of the box, inside  of the shipping box in a ziploc bag that had the order paper on it. But back to the unboxing, I opened the travel case to find the headphone and the two included cables inside. One cable the audio cable with the one button clicker, and the other V-moda’s Micro-USB flat profile cable that has V-moda’s logo on the connectors. Also in there is an adaptop for the 3.5mm to 1/4″ jack. The case, which everyone might not know has an opening covered by a rubber cover from the inside which makes it waterproof and dust proof which you can take out to air your headphones if you need to. I don’t really think I’ll need to but it something nice to have.

For now, I’ll be working on a review for these, and will have the review up as soon as possible. The summer has been going quite fast for me, and I don’t like to keep everyone waiting too long so hopefully I can get it up as fast as possible! Until then, Enjoy those pictures of the unboxing I had with the V-moda Crossfade Wiresless 2 Rose Gold edition with custom 3D shields (that have my initials on them).


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