New hardware update: OnePlus 6T with quick mentions

If you have seen my set-up page, you may have noticed I had been using a Samsung Galaxy S7. That’s long gone now. It’s been slowing down, not holding it’s charge as long and it has not been very convenient for me to haul around campus. I would have to worry about charging it which added to my other worries for my courses, as if it wasn’t enough already. A deal popped up for a really good trade-in deal for this new phone, so I took it after a bit of considering from the internet via Youtube videos and certain Youtubers. It was worth the buy, it was cool, and it is going to last me quite awhile with some of the latest specs so I thought why not?

It’s been about 2 weeks since I bought (via a carrier in the US 😉 ) the phone and it has been a joy to have. It’s a bit of a minimalist thinking with the design, but given the price I can’t complain, and it’s a Chinese brand with a reputation with the mobile community, so we’ll see if there are anything that I will miss from legitimate flagship phones from the likes of LG or Samsung that isn’t on this phone. They do present a case for me as a broke college student because of the price point at $580 for the top specs, albeit missing a few features other flagships have. It does jump them in the department of the in-screen fingerprint sensor though. This has personally made sense to me, rather than looking at the back of my phone for at least 2 seconds, finding the sensor and then flipping back to see the screen unlock. Plus there is a face unlock feature which is fast on this phone as well. Nice and snappy overall with the current top processor in the industry. I won’t really be doing an audio review on this because it’s not really audio focused and I will be using this more on the go in the car and with my V-Moda Crossfade Wireless 2. That’s why I’m doing this update with mentions about the phone. It does deserve a bit of recognition about what it does for the price-point. I do miss the headphone jack that they did have with the previous phone called the OnePlus 6. I just had to buy their phone when they took away the headphone jack. Oh well it was for a good deal with the trade-in anyway.

Other than that, college is a rough spot for me at the moment. I have several major tests in this week alone, and it doesn’t help I was just sick the past week and have only recovered significantly at the end of the weekend. It’s going to be rough towards Finals as well, so if you don’t hear from me, I hope my other writes are keeping you entertained!


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