New Marbles: NHT SB1

Sincerely, I wasn’t expecting to have something to write about quite urgently for quite some time. I did sign off last blog post mentioning the fact that I’m a college student that has his work cut out for him, and that I probably won’t have too much time to write about something for quite a bit of time, since I didn’t have that much to write about. But similarly, like with quite a lot things as people may say, life does not always go as expected. And it truly hasn’t been as expected.

I have gotten my hands on the NHT SB1. As you may have known, I have in my possession the rather legendary NHT SuperZero (the original ones from the 90s too). These are what you can call the predecessors of those SuperZeros, or even the SuperOnes that are the bigger brother of those SuperZeros. These are quite notably larger in size than the SuperZero, are less box-shaped as well, with the same updated 1″ fluid cooled neodynium magnet tweeter that you can find the “best speaker I’ve ever heard of” NHT Evolution T6 towers that you can find in my dad’s best system, as well as the same philosophy behind the build quality of the speakers. Quality speakers that will last and sound good. The drivers for the large woofers are as usual, constructed with rubber around the 5.25″ polypropylene high excursion woofer. The only difference between the SuperZeros and this SB1 though, is that this pair I so happened to get (used, and thanks dad) is the white high gloss piano lacquer finish. Definitely different from the usual dark color you usually find speakers in.

So far, it’s replaced the SuperZeros, and I’m loving it. I won’t get into details yet because I’ll be reviewing these for sure. They’re not going away anytime soon. Stay tuned for that as well. Until then, I’ll be trying to do that while juggling my college life as well. Read more in the next post!


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