I’m going to the Florida Audio Expo! (& announcement)

As you guys may know, I have been a bit busy as of late with my studies, but that doesn’t stop me from doing things. I do still listen to my system, I still look for things to do for this website, and there is an opportunity that has come up. This has been an aspiration of mine, hearing about other audio reviewer/writers going to audio expos and seeing/hearing what companies have to offer. With that being said, like that title says, I’m going to Florida Audio Expo in Tampa! My dad recently took notice of this event, which is about a 2 hour drive away from where we live. I’ve never been to an Expo and we’ve never notice this expo being held this nearby before (it’s not like we can travel to another state over the weekend to see an expo, AND get back before Monday because of work AND not to mention the costs). So since it’s somewhere we can go to, and we wanted to go, we’re going.

Again, I’ve never been to an audio expo or an expo ever (I am a tech enthusiast though), so this will definitely be a new experience for me. Since I’m going, there is something else I wanted to try my hand at as well. The title should have given you a hint, but for this weekend, I’m going to try my hand at covering some booths at the Florida Audio Expo for you guys! Definitely stay tuned for more information, and do expect to see some posts about them in the coming weekend as it is held this coming weekend (February 8-10)!


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