The case of a prioritization: blog

Hey guys, you guys were probably wondering why it’s taking me so long to post my current project. Well I still haven’t actually got time to rest lately, so I haven’t seriously gotten any pictures of anything that I need for that project yet. It’s been dragging out for awhile because this semester has been jumping at me. It’s making me feel like I’m on the verge of getting behind every second I don’t do my homework/study. It’s a tough balancing act at the moment, and to balance it out I’ve got to sacrifice time for a thing or two. Unfortunately that has been this website. I realize what gets read on this website is more my “projects”, but if you so happen to be reading this, I’m glad you keep up with the blog side too. Just to inform everyone, the views on this page has been rising lately, and what you guys have been reading are my older “projects” or popular topics as what I like to call them. I’ll try to post more of that but for now I’m prioritizing my current project with the NHT SB1, and that hasn’t been going along because of my college work. It’s a relatively demanding thing to be doing because my major is Mechanical Engineering. If you are also keeping up, you’ll know I’m in my second year, and right now I’m trying pretty hard to try and get myself a summer internship so I can earn some money for myself, but also mainly get experience in my field. Today was a day my college held a “career expo” where I got to talk to a number of the company representatives, so luckily I feel like what I’ve done so far has been impressive enough to warrant a lot of them to say that I’ve done is actually impressive. It’s garnered an eyebrow lift or two to say the least. Well with that out of the way, I still have homework due the next day of the time of writing. I’ll see you guys in the next post.


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