Another review preview: KLH Windsor 10 Subwoofer

If you guys have not checked it out yet, there has been a review out for some time about the KLH Kendall 5.2 system that my dad reviewed here. There is another Subwoofer in the house now. Although it’s been awhile since the review has been out since the time of writing, I didn’t really get the chance to do my own listening of the sub until now. That’s because it was still in use until recently due to something else in place (hint hint). But for now, since I have the opportunity, why not go for it?

And, like the title says, I will now review, as in give my take on the KLH Windsor 10 Subwoofer in the upcoming weeks, in my own system. It’s a different setting with different components, so we shall see if this can handle the different system white providing the sound I’ve come to expect in the other system.

I’ve had a few issues with the speaker however, as the Subwoofer “sputtered” in my system. What I mean by that is that during times of high bass, the peak of the bass seems to sputter like an engine and like spike at the peaks. It was worrying because that meant the internal amplifier is damaged. Usually. The same thing happened when I switched out for the other identical sub they gave us for review. However, when we tried it in another system at home it worked perfectly fine. That lead me to think it was the cable that I was using, the LFE cable from the receiver to the Sub, which was pretty old and has a few minor issues, to be the problem. I switched it out with another cable, while using my Velodyne CT-100, and it worked right off the bat (the other cable didn’t I had to fidget with it before any feedback is gone). So after realizing that I will be switching back the KLH Windsor 10 back in soon. Haven’t had time to yet, but still, expect something for this speaker soon.


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