New Review out! NHT SB1 review

After working on the review for a long time, probably 15 somewhat large revisions and maybe a whole section that was scrapped, I have made the NHT SB1 review live! It’s been quite a pain in the butt for that review in many ways, mainly because I didn’t feel satisfied about the review for a long time and it came together slowly but surely. It was a process that was hindered by my own situation and shortcomings, which I will work towards improving them from now on. This blog post is just to tell everyone that I’m also still alive, surviving my college days which are getting harder, which means it’ll be harder to post as regularly as before. I have also acquired a paid internship with a local company so I will have myself work about 30 a week, which, if timed right, I will have fridays off! Nevertheless I don’t have much to do in the evenings so I will still be able to work on this blog, catch up on shows, and other hobbies! Even if I am still somewhat busy, I will make sure the quality does not drop! I will make sure it is up to par, if not better than my previous works. This review has taken long enough to get to you guys’ eyes. Hopefully you will enjoy this one as well, and as always, let me know if there anything you want me to improve upon in the comments or shoot me a message in the contact section!


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