Hiatus announcement: Moving and a moment of silence

So, I’ve been busy for the past couple of months despite trying to work on the review I have on the Windsor 10. That is going to be put on further hold because of the fact that I’m now in the process of moving. Where you ask? Arizona. Currently I live in Florida, and due to private matters, the family is moving to Arizona, and I am going with them. It’s going to be too expensive to me to stay at the college I was at, and that is partly cheap due to the reason that I was staying at home going to college in the first place. The move is covered, and due to reasons I will immediately be a resident at the new state. That means I get in-state tuition, and everything considered, it will be cheaper to go to the closest University there. Now, that is no excuse for the empty feed on this site, but with the paid internship I landed, it was tiring enough that I was basically out all weekday and with me wanting to relax and other matters in between, I had put aside the site for a while.

As the title also says, I will be putting the site in the back of my list for a little while more, because I will actually be moving very soon, we will head to our new place in the next few weeks. I will try to work on the ongoing review of the Windsor 10, but as of this moment I’m only about 50% done with the review. It needs pictures and more words, so that will come in the next few weeks as well. Until then, have a good summer everyone, and we’ll nerd out in the next one.


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